Financial Planning and Analysis

Our professionals will help the company prepare budgets, forecasts, monitoring process, SWOT, and budget/forecast to actual reports that will ensure the company has all the appropriate tools to plan and manage its future success.

The Financial Planning and Analysis services include the following:

  • Help the management team complete an annual budget.
  • Participate in ongoing analysis on performance throughout the year and complete a forecast for when business or financial factors develop that may require a pivot from the annual budget.
  • Complete budget/forecast to actual analysis and document reasons for any variations from expectations.
  • Identify and report the Company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats so the decision makers fully understand the factors that have an influence over the Company’s performance.
  • Database management for large datasets in order to generate meaningful financial reports that can be used by management for critical decisions (e.g., product revenue by customer by area showing revenue and gross margin).

Strategic Forecasting

Our Financial, Planning and Analysis services equip your company with precise budgeting, insightful forecasting, and comprehensive SWOT analysis, turning financial data into strategic assets for future success and informed decision-making.