Acquisitions GroupĀ 

Luft Advisory Services provides more than Fractional CFO services, it also contains a distinguished micro-private equity acquisition group. This group manages a modest amount of capital, typically focusing on acquiring companies ranging from a few hundred thousand to five million dollars.

We distinguish ourselves by specializing in various industries where we can use our deep expertise. Our small size makes us flexible in our investment strategies. The entrepreneurial spirit is evident in our hands-on approach to portfolio companies, actively engaging with them to provide strategic guidance and support. We focus on local investments in the South Carolina area so we can offer a personalized touch and fully address the unique challenges and opportunities in this growing market.


  • Less Barriers to Close: already capitalized, ready to execute, no extensive DD and closing process
  • Niche Focus: specialize in Software/Technology, Manufacturing, Food & Beverage, and Business Services industries where we have deep expertise
  • Flexibility: more nimble and flexible in our investment strategies
  • Entrepreneurial Approach: provide hands-on support and strategic guidance to drive growth
  • Local Investment: allow for a more personalized approach
  • Innovation/Creativity: explore innovative deal structures and financing arrangements

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