Internal Controls

We all understand that any organization needs to maintain an appropriate set of key internal controls over financial reporting and to safeguard the company’s assets.  However, many companies fail to test these controls for effectiveness during the year which leads to inappropriate decisions. 

Our internal controls services include the following:

  • Ensure internal control framework is consistent with COSO Enterprise Risk Management.
  • Test critical controls to ensure they are operating as designed and are protecting the company from fraudulent activities and operating ineffectiveness.
  • Complete walkthrough on critical business processes, test controls and identify any significant deficiency or control weaknesses and recommend a remediation action plan to mitigate risk of a material misstatement in the financial statements.
  • Work on risk assessment on internal control effectiveness that can be communicated to the key decision makers for consideration.
  • Assist management with writing up policies/procedures/risk control matrices and comparing them to best practices with emphasis on reducing unnecessary work streams to improve operational efficiency.

Control Assurance

Our Internal Controls and Policies/Procedures services fortify your financial framework, ensuring robust checks against fraud and inefficiencies while aligning with best practices, thereby promoting a culture of transparency and operational excellence.